Bayleys Reward Fly Flat

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Bayleys Reward Fly Flat is the site where gold was first discovered in Coolgardie in the late 1800s by Arthur Bayley and William Ford. Look out over the vast countryside and imagine the harsh climate and environment that welcomed numerous hopefuls who flocked to Coolgardie in their search for fortune. This discovery sparked the greatest gold rush in Australia’s history.

A 5 minute drive from Fly Flat will lead you into the historic mining town of Coolgardie. Stroll through the town viewing the historic buildings and gain appreciation of the life of the early settlers thanks to over 100 markers located in and around the town. Each marker indicates where significant events took place and historical sites where some buildings still stand.

If you wish to learn more about the town’s significance in Australia’s history, include a visit to the Warden’s Court building which houses the town’s museum and the Ben Prior Open Air Museum.

Coolgardie is a 6 hour drive east of Perth.






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