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Black Tracks specialise in exclusive, small group journeys in the remote, east and west Kimberley in Australia’s North West.

Their range of journeys are designed to immerse you in the landscape and some of the oldest and most beautiful terrain on the planet. To experience the true spirit of the region, they offer unique opportunities to visit ancient Aboriginal rock art sites, isolated waterfalls and discover what it feels like to be nestled deep in the Australian bush and way off the beaten track.

Black Tracks also offers exclusive, small group Art Treks deep in the West Kimberley. These Treks involve the discovery of ancient rock art galleries featuring 20,000 year old Aboriginal art including, the Bradshaws and the Wandjinas,

An adventure with Black Tracks will leave you feeling invigorated and recharged with the energy of this ancient land. You will leave with a feeling of greater appreciation and worth for this amazing and remote landscape and habitat. It will have a lasting impact on your life and connection to this wondrous place.


The Durack journey takes them through remote natural landscapes, rugged ranges, wild rivers and fresh water gorges. Along the way, they get to glimpse traditional Aboriginal life and gain an appreciation of the challenges encountered by explorers and pioneers in what remains one of Australia’s last frontiers.

They begin the trek at the Chamberlain River and wind their way upstream, between the Elgee Cliffs and the Durack Range for around 45 kilometres. The second half of the trek takes them out of the Durack, into the Saw Ranges, through the Dunham River and finishes in the beautiful Speewah valley.

The Durack is one of their more challenging walks and requires a reasonable to good level of fitness. They will be walking in varying terrain carrying up to 15 to 20 kilogram packs over 85 kilometres over eight days. This requires good preparation in terms of fitness as well as the gear.

Please visit their website and contact them for more information.

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Venture into the Kimberley wilderness with Black Tracks to explore the richness in country, culture and history.

From the scenic Gibb River Road, they drive into an isolated part of the West Kimberley where hidden amongst some of the most spectacular gorges and escarpment, they will explore the ancient rock art that lines natural mazes and traditional campsites.

Along the way, they gain insight into the rugged and remote landscape while learning about its cultural and historical significance. In a one of a kind journey, Black Tracks offers a privileged and fascinating adventure into a part of the world only few have ventured.

The Art Trek period is during the months of May to September. The duration of the adventures are generally seven or eight days. Most of the Art Treks are customised for exclusive small group tours, so please inquire with them to identify a suitable date and cost for you and your group.

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Black Tracks

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