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Broome and Yardoogarra (Ramada Eco Beach) is renowned for beautiful beaches and great fishing in the West Kimberley region of Western Australia. Come and join local Aboriginal people on a tour for the experience of a lifetime. Broome Coastal Tours is owned and operated by a local indigenous family.

Eco beach provides a haven for nesting turtles whilst migrating whales frolic offshore. Activities are tailored to enhance your cultural and wilderness experience and include nature walks, Indigenous tours, game fishing, beach fishing and bird watching.


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As the Traditional Custodians of Yardoogarra, it is their responsibility, handed down from the Bugarrigarra (Dreamtime), to ensure all visitors are welcomed to this country. This engenders respect and understanding of their indigenous culture; lets them and their ancestors know who is travelling through country and keeps visitors safe from powerful spirit beings.

Through a simple, but very personal ceremony, you will feel the deep connection their people have to their buru (country): it will connect you to their Aboriginal culture. The smoke from the melaleuca leaves will heighten your senses, wake up your spirit and cleanse your liyan (well-being), enabling you to disconnect from the modern world and tune into the richness of Yardoogarra’s inspiring natural and cultural environment. They say, “Barru walyju niminy” – Open your eyes.

Depending on the tides and time of day, they will take you to one of two culturally significant areas: to the jila (waterhole) – birthplace of my great grandmother – or along the coast where you can explore stunning, natural rock formations shaped by the tides of time. Be sung along the songlines of Yardoogarra with the soft clapping of boomerangs.

This privileged, spiritual cultural experience will stay with you forever.

Take a guided walk around Yardoogarra’s niyamarri (sand dunes) and mayingan manja balu (vine thickets) as they unveil hidden secrets of the coastal bush. Their country’s indigenous plants and trees sustained their people for over 30,000 years, providing mayi (bush tucker), medicine, tools, weapons, art and craft. Ancient shell middens are scattered throughout their country – evidence of their ancestors’ long connection to this environment.

Learn about the six Aboriginal Yawuru seasons and how they read them like a bible to help them live. They know Laja (wet season) is coming when ngaliwany (wild pear) starts to fruit. This also tells them that birndany (stingray), reef and shellfish are fat: everything is connected.

Learn how the unripe pods of the lirrirn-girn (soap wattle) can make a natural soap! Marvel at the minmin (parrot pea bush) and its bird-like flowers that attract flocks of wilirrminy (red-winged parrots). They will show you where to find girrbaju (sweet nectar) and gabiny yaminyarri (gubinge fruit). Bush medicine is also everywhere – like bark that can ease joint pain.

Your eyes and mind will be opened wide to the natural edible and pharmaceutical wonders of the bush.

In the salty creeks, where either you’re a mad keen fisherman wanting to chase that illusive indigenous barramundi and those mangrove jacks on lures or live bait; or wanting to get out & adventure 4WD on the beaches out of Broome with family & friends.

This land based charter with local Aboriginal guides is for you; flexible and able to be customised to the experience that you want.

We offer a variety of options including Heli Fishing, Land Based Fishing and Fully Customised Charters.

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