Co-operative Bulk Handling (CBH) Wheat Storage and Transfer Depot

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The Co-operative Bulk Handling Wheat Storage and Transfer Depot is the largest inland port in Western Australia. The sheer enormity of the depot is an impressive sight to see and is well worth capturing on camera. Learn about the significant impact the depot has had on the economic development of Merredin with a visit to the Central Wheatbelt Visitor Centre.

The depot has been in operation since 1966 with the largest storage bin measuring 610 metres in length and 59 metres in height. This grain storage bin is the largest in the southern hemisphere, capable of storing 468,860 tonnes.

Merredin is the largest regional town in the Central Eastern Wheatbelt and it is a three hour drive east of Perth. It is home to many charming historic buildings including the town hall and Cummins Theatre. Enjoy a 75 minute walk along the Merredin Peak Heritage Trail for magnificent views of the surrounding countryside.


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