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If you like ‘big’ town entry statements, you will love the giant Crocodile Statue in Wyndham. As you drive into the historic port town, you cannot miss the welcoming smile from the side of the road at the town’s entrance. The 20-metre long and three metre high concrete statue of a saltwater crocodile provides a novel photo opportunity. Visitors are known to climb the large sculpture for some entertaining photos.

The statue was designed using a photograph of a crocodile and computer technology that plotted the crocodile’s shape. It was built with the help of students from Halls Creek Technology of Advanced Further Education (TAFE).

Whilst its size has been over accentuated, it acts as a great deterrent to anyone considering swimming in the crocodile infested waters surrounding Wyndham.

The historic port town of Wyndham was established during the Halls Creek gold rush in 1885. Wyndham is a one hour drive from Kununurra which is a three hour flight from Perth.




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