Dalgety House Museum

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Dalgety House Museum provides an opportunity to gain an insight into the impact white settlement had on the Kariyarra Aboriginal people of the Pilbara. Explore the extensive collection of artefacts, photographs and documentation presented in the enlightening displays throughout the house. Listen to recordings of personal memoirs and view the informative and thought provoking audio visual displays.

Allow time to examine the architecture of this turn of the century house, both inside and out. The dwelling was initially built for employees of long standing international company Dalgety and Co. The English merchants set up a post in the town of Port Hedland in 1903 and Dalgety House remained the manager’s residence until 1974.

Dalgety House Museum is located in the town centre of Port Hedland. The port town offers an array of attractions for visitors including historical buildings, a heritage trail and several museums. Port Hedland is a 2 hour flight from Perth.




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