Dragon Rocks Nature Reserve

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An ‘A’ class nature lover’s delight, Dragon Rocks Nature Reserve is a hotspot for spring wildflowers and a safe haven for many rare species of plants and mammals, including the official animal symbol of Western Australia – the numbat.

From Perth, it’s a four-and-a-half-hour drive east to reach Dragon Rocks, or just under an hour’s drive south of Wave Rock. If you’re making the trip in spring, take the five-day trip along Wave Rock Wildflower Trail, taking in thousands of wildflower species that bloom in their billions. The reserve is often at its best in November, when many Verticordia are in flower.

The more adventurous off-roaders can follow in the tracks of pioneer John Holland to Dragon Rocks, taking the 670-kilometre Holland Track through the Southern Wheatbelt and Great Western Woodlands – the largest intact Mediterranean-climate woodland on Earth.

Western grey kangaroos, echidnas, brush tail possums and emus are regularly seen around the reserve’s granite outcrops and eucalypt woodlands. A little patience could also reward you with a rare glimpse of numbats, chuditch, malleefowl, red-tailed phascogales, brush wallabies, Mitchell’s hopping mice, Southern scrub-robins and the ornate dragons (small native lizards) from which the reserve takes its name.


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