Enanty Barn

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Enanty Barn is the oldest historical building in the area. It was built in 1870 for shelter and storage for shepherds. Once a year shepherds would walk their stock for the annual walk and shear. The location of the building was important because it was close to the Lockier River.

In 1994 the building was partly restored as part of Mingenew’ s Centennial year. It is also known for being one of the “things to see”. The barn has attracted a number of visitors and those with self-contained vehicles may stay on the premise. Interestingly, this little barn is also one of the most recommended sites for camping under the stars.

You will fall in love with historical buildings like this. It leaves one wondering who stayed in it so many years ago. As you peered through open windows and doors, you can not help but feel a cold eerie chill.

Enanty Barn can be found on Mingenew-Morawa Rd Mingenew. It is about 3 kilometres from Mingenew. Enanty Barn is the perfect place to base yourself as you explore the region to take in the amazing night skies.

Although you can imagine how beautiful it would be during the rest of the year with splendid views of surrounding fields, the best time to visit this little piece of history is during wildflower season.


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Camping at Enanty Barn

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