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Esperance Diving and Fishing was established in 1983 by Peter and Lesley Hudson. The company offers a variety of marine related activities throughout the magnificent Recherche Archipelago that boasts over 100 islands.

Diving, deep sea fishing, scenic cruise charters and whale watching tours are the main marine activities offered.

Esperance is home to the largest dive able wreck off the Australian coast called The Sanko Harvest. This 174 metre long wreck lies between 16 and 43 metres and is now a marine sanctuary. With dozens of other pristine island dives that offer 20 to 30 metre visibility, caves, swim throughs, beautiful hard and soft corals, leafy and weedy sea dragons, Esperance has it all. Divers can go home with a succulent feed of Southern Rock lobster and abalone to top off their day.

Esperance Diving and Fishing can offer you a memorable day’s fishing on board their 55 foot custom built charter vessel ‘The Southern Image’. Their experienced crew will look after all your needs, supplying all equipment, morning tea and a barbecue lunch. They also gut and gill your catch ready for you to take home at the end of the day.


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From $55 to $275

Esperance can offer you many shore dives. Information on all of these is available at the shop. The town Jetty would have to be one of the more spectacular with leafy sea-dragons, schools of Old Wives and a large variety of nudibranchs. The Jetty pylons are covered with soft corals, telestos and gorgonia.

The access is easy and Esperance Diving and Fishing can provide everything you need for a spectacular dive. Dive guides are available and are specialised in locating the Leafy sea dragons.

From $55 to $275

February 14, 1991 saw the Sanko Harvest floundering on a reef some 21 nautical miles from the Esperance Port. What was originally seen as an environmental disaster turned out to be a major windfall for the diving fraternity. The second largest wreck dive in the world and the largest off the Australian coast this 174 metre long Japanese Bulk Carrier now acts as host to a vast array of marine creatures.

The ocean has taken its toll and the wreck has divided into three sections. The depths vary between 13 and 44 metres of water. Officially declared a marine sanctuary in 1994 the wreck acts as a safe haven for the large blue groper and red snapper that inhabit the twisted remains. It is not uncommon to have a visit from an inquisitive seal or dolphin.

Esperance Diving Academy has been operating out of Esperance since 1983 and exploring the wreck from day one. They are more than qualified to show you the wonderful dive sites that Esperance has to offer. Bookings are essential for the wreck dive as distance and weather are major factors.

From $55 to $275

This is also a lovely wreck dive. This 32 foot wooden hulled fishing vessel lies in 32 metres of water in the lee of Long Island completely intact. The vessel is covered in soft coral and sponge growth and is a delight to any discerning diver. The Esperance Dive Club in conjunction with L.E.A.P built an artificial reef of tyre modules at the end of the Tanker Jetty.

This is a wonderful shore dive, which is accessible to everyone. It has been declared a ‘no fishing’ zone by the Fisheries Department and has proven to be a breeding ground to many varieties of fish. The rare Leafy and Weedy Sea Dragons also inhabit this area along with seals. This is a very popular dive site for underwater photographers.

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