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Fortescue Helicopters welcomes you to see the land through their eyes.

They offer Corporate Charter including Corporate and VIP, Mine Site Transfers, Special request charter, Search and Rescue operations, Customised tours, Special Occasion Flights as well as Scenic Flights.

Scenic Flights offered around Newman include Mt Newman, Hickman Crater, Fair Circles, Kalgans Pool & Creek, Stuarts Pool, Eagle Rock Falls, Three Pools, Hammersley Ranges.

You will not be disappointed!


From $200 to $350

Scenic Flights – visit a few of the popular locations in and around Newman. These include Mt Newman, local swimming holes, Local waterfalls and surrounding ranges.

Charter flights allow you a better appreciation of the land and a view of the ever changing colours and landscape of the Pilbara Region that can only be witnessed by air.

Charter flights allow for a stress free, productive journey tailored to you.

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Flying above the beauty

Fortescue Helicopters

Newman, East Pilbara

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