Hitching Rail and Horse Watering Trough

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Within the centre of the charming town of Merredin you will find the Hitching Rail and Horse Watering Trough. Relax under the shade of the large native trees within the park and read the informative plaques to learn the history and get a greater appreciation of these fascinating attractions.

Horses used to be tied to the 1920s Hitching Rail and would drink from the old water trough when the locals came into the town centre. These sites form part of the Merredin Heritage Walk trail – a one and a half kilometre walk around Merredin town centre.

Merredin is the largest regional town in the Central Eastern Wheatbelt and is a 3 hour drive east of Perth. During your visit make time to enjoy a drive along the Merredin Peak Heritage Trail or take a stroll along one of the walk trails on offer which are even more spectacular during the wildflower season.



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CBH Wheat Storage and Transfer Depot, Merredin, Western Australia

Co-operative Bulk Handling (CBH) Wheat Storage and Transfer Depot


Merredin Town Hall, Merredin, Western Australia

Merredin Town Hall


Tamma Parkland, Merredin, Western Australia

Tamma Parkland


Horse Trough, Merredin, Western Australia

Hitching Rail and Horse Watering Trough


World War II Sites, Merredin, Western Australia

World War II Sites – Merredin


Merredin's Painted Grain Silos, Merredin, Western Australia

PUBLIC Silo Trail: Merredin


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