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Join their family on an authentic bushfood foraging tour in the heart of Australia’s Golden Outback. Discover nature’s bounty as they gather, prepare and taste the traditional bushfoods and medicine plants that have sustained the Tjupan people in this harsh desert environment for millennia.

Sample the sweetest of bushfoods, the prized honeypot ant. Derived from the sweet nectar gathered from desert flowers, the honey from the honeypot ants has been an important part of the traditional desert diet for millennia. Other traditional foods that they forage for on tour include: witchetty grubs, a high source of protein, and seasonal nuts and fruits including quandong, bush pear and sandalwood nuts.

Foraging bushtucker has always been a family focused part of traditional Tjupan life. Young children, mothers, aunties and grandmothers played a roll in this essential part of this cultural activity. Foraging, learning to track animals and identify food sources was an important part of a child’s education.

Gather round the campfire for billy tea, damper and slow-cooked stew served with captivating cultural stories and colourful bush yarns. Learn about the traditional lifestyles of the Tjupan people and how they still practice cultural ways on Country today.


They venture approximately 50 kilometres out of Kalgoorlie driving along both sealed and sections of unsealed road (two-wheel drive (2WD) accessible). They journey through some of Western Australia’s remote desert outback where the rich red desert sand contrasts against the vibrant blue sky.

Your hosts provide morning tea, lunch and refreshments including billie tea and homemade damper.

Disabled Access

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