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Karlayura Tours is a proudly 100 per cent Aboriginal owned and operated profit-for-purpose business. They exist to build open, honest relationships between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians through authentic cultural experiences and self-development opportunities.

With the awe-inspiring Pilbara as a backdrop and local Aboriginal loremen and elders as your guides, Karlayura Tours offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences that are part cultural immersion and part team building. Operated by traditional owner and loreman Brian Tucker and his team, Karlayura Tours is one of the most authentic Pilbara experiences available.

With activities held within Nyiyaparli and Banyjima country at carefully selected locations, each tour has been developed to connect its participants to each other, the land and ancient Aboriginal culture.


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Yoga in the Gorges

From $1395 to $2395

A multi day journey that takes you to some of the planet’s most untouched places to practice yoga, mindfulness and meditation in the shadow of jaw-dropping natural beauty and unique landscapes.

The journey also includes guided tours, and cultural wisdom shared by Brian Tucker and his family. A Typical Day on the Karijini Cultural Wellbeing / Yoga Retreat will feel like this…your day will start with an enlivening, energising morning Vinyasa Yoga practice to the rising sun in this stunning landscape. The session will be carefully tailored to each persons abilities – whether you are an experienced Yoga practitioner or new to Yoga, you will be guided through an empowering, supportive, uplifting sessions to suit exactly where you are at with Yoga or Meditation and Mindfulness practice.

Breakfast will be enjoyed in the beautiful natural bushland of Karijini National Park. After breakfast, you will adventure into the 2.5 billion year old landscape that is Karijini National Park with personal Indigenous local guides including Brian Tucker the traditional owner of Banyjima and Nyiyaparli country.

Carpark Public Toilet
Karlayura Tours, Western Australia

From $1395 to $1595

A one to three day journey for the individual, family or small group looking for a unique Australian experience.  Your host, Brian Tucker will guide you to some of the planet’s most pristine locations which are off limits to larger groups.  The journey also includes Brian and his family sharing cultural wisdom, bush tucker and bush medicine collection, and entertaining and inspiring Aboriginal demonstrations.

This unique Tour will allow you to get away from your normal routines and customs of everyday life. You will have the opportunity to learn more about Aboriginal Culture, while gaining a new appreciation of the land, in some of the most beautiful places of Western Australia.

Your special invitation by the Banyjima and Nyiyaparli people to their country, each day will allow you to share their customs, traditions and sacred practices.

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