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STS Leeuwin II is Australia’s largest sail training tall ship, owned and operated in Western Australia by the Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation.

Since 1986, Leeuwin Ocean Adventure has welcomed more than 40,000 young people onboard STS Leeuwin II to take part in extraordinary, ocean going adventures.

Leeuwin Ocean Adventure offers week long voyages at sea, as well as 3 hour sails departing from Fremantle.

Due to current health advice on social distancing, please contact the business for the most up to date information regarding opening times and services.


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From $82.5 to $245

Sailing the STS Leeuwin II is an adventure you and your family will cherish for a long time. Sailing on a 1850’s style barquentine ship is a true and memorable experience, including seeing Fremantle coastline and marine life from a unique vantage point.

No sailing experience is required.

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The Weekend Leadership voyage aims to provide a short, power packed experience for students in a unique environment, at sea on the magnificent STS Leeuwin II – Australia’s largest sail training tall ship.

Joining the ship at noon on the Friday, participants will be allocated to their watches (teams), introduced to safety on-board, have an opportunity to don their harnesses and explore the rigging. Then they’ll head off to anchor for the night. A workshop after dinner will get participants thinking more about what they want to achieve during their weekend at sea.

Overnight, participants will take part in night watch, 1-2 hourly rotations during which they have a range of tasks to check lines, bilges etcetera. Up nice and early for deck exercises and a safety refresh, it’s time for some physical work.

Once the anchor is weighed, the day will be full on! Working in their teams, participants will participate in a range of activities setting and furling sails, tacking and wearing ship, steering the ship, team sports on deck and problem solving exercises. Depending on conditions, the Captain will make a decision to stay at sea or anchor overnight.

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This is a unique adventure opportunity – tall ship sailing in Monkey Mia, Shark Bay inscribed as a World Heritage Site by The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1991 and included on Australia’s National Heritage List in May 2007.

Wind direction and sea conditions guide the week’s activities – so expect the unexpected!

This voyage is suitable for adventurers of all ages. This is a working ship, so during the voyage expect to be part of hands on activities of navigating the ship and taking the helm, setting and furling the sails, climbing the masts and working aloft and standing watch while sailing through the night. There’s no such thing as a passenger on board a Leeuwin Ocean Adventure voyage!

You will be transported to the ship in the evening and spend the night on-board. The voyage will begin the following morning and disembark in Monkey Mia four days later.

Bus travel to and from the ship is arranged by Leeuwin Ocean Adventure, subject to demand.

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If you’re looking for an alternative to a family camping trip, Leeuwin Ocean Adventure’s Family Connect voyage will without doubt offer you an opportunity to make memories for life.

Based in Fremantle, you’ll just need your sleeping bag and pillow, clothes and bits and bobs – much easier than going to Rottnest because their chef will be preparing the meals!

On board, you’ll experience things you have never done before – climbing the rigging of a tall ship, setting and furling the sails, taking the helm and standing watch during the night. Actively involved in all ship operations, you’ll discover new strength, a joy in working together and of communicating and laughing as you learn the intricacies of maneuvering an 1850’s style 3 masted barquentine.

Their highly experienced Leeuwin crew will provide the support you need on board to ensure a safe and incredibly fun adventure. You’ll be challenged. You’ll be tired. But most importantly you’ll feel exhilarated by this unique experience and for having shared a simply amazing weekend together!

The Family Connect voyage is open to participants aged 12 years and older, with one or two parents, grandparents or carers.

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From $100 to $295

The tall ship sail on the STS Leeuwin II is an adventure for the whole family. Step on board and experience sailing on an 1850’s style barquentine ship, you will also learn about the Youth Leadership Voyages and meet the crew who sail throughout the year.

You are invited to join in in the activities which include climbing, steering the helm, hauling lines and kids activities on deck. No sailing experience is required however this is an active sailing ship, so a low level of fitness is good to have.

If you just want to enjoy Western Australia’s coastline from Busselton to Bunbury you can choose the unique vantage point of the ocean, that’s okay too!

There will be a lunch prepared and snacks provided throughout the day. Passengers will need to make arrangements for travel to and from the ship.

Carpark Family Friendly Non Smoking Public Toilet

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