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Mabu Buru Tours will take you on a very personal journey that explores Yawuru Culture through country, nature, history, lore and traditional knowledge.

You’ll discover things hidden in plain sight throughout the landscape of Cable Beach to Roebuck Bay, taste seasonal fruits, encounter local wildlife and hear the stories of Yawuru.

Explore Roebuck Plains, visit their very special water places and hear the ancient to recent history of the region.

Mabu Buru Tours began conducting on-country Indigenous cultural experiences in 2019.

Their tours are lead by an Indige­nous Guide who is a tra­di­tion­al own­er of the lands in and around Broome.

The main reason Mabu Buru Tours was created was to help “build a bridge” between our different cultures, to increase awareness about Aboriginal culture, their true history and to help others to see country through their eyes.

Join them in what they call “our version of a Yawuru Cultural Immersion” through one of their very unique on-country experiences.


Jila is the Yawuru word for living freshwater springs, which are sacred to the Yawuru people.

A journey that begins with Bugarrigarra, a time and place in the beginning where everything they see, feel, smell, hear and know of was originally created and gifted to their old people for the sake of their survival and to protect for their next generations to come.

Explore recent history of Roebuck Plains Station, the pearling industry and how it irrevocably changed the lives and homelands of the Yawuru people.

The Roebuck Plains system has been a traditional source of food and water to the Yawuru people for thousands of years.

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