Merredin Town Hall

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The charming Merredin Town Hall was built in 1925 as a memorial to the soldiers that lost their lives in World War I. Take a walk around this aesthetically pleasing building which photographs beautifully from every angle. Examine the clock tower which contains a small replica of the clock face of Big Ben at Westminster in London.

Explore the towns other historic buildings of significance, including the post office and the Cummins Theatre. The theatre was built from remnants of demolished buildings in Coolgardie including a theatre and pubs. Legend has it that the bricks contain small amounts of gold.

Take a drive along the Merredin Peak Heritage Trail or for the more energetic there are walk trails available. Enjoy the magnificent views of the countryside from the peak, which is even more spectacular during the wildflower season. Stop in at the Merredin Visitor’s Centre for trail guides and learn about the towns history.

The farming town of Merredin is a three hour drive east of Perth.




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Tamma Parkland, Merredin, Western Australia

Tamma Parkland



PUBLIC Silo Trail: Merredin


Merredin Railway Water Tower, Merredin, Western Australia

Merredin Railway Water Tower


Council Office Mosaic, Merredin, Western Australia

Council Office Mosaic


World War II Sites, Merredin, Western Australia

World War II Sites – Merredin


Merredin Peak Trail, Merredin, Western Australia

Merredin Peak Trail


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