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Experience five nights and six magical days at the Montebello Islands living aboard the fully-appointed houseboat ‘Full Monty’ and using the charter boat the ‘Kylin’, eco tour boat ‘Nemo’ and dinghies for activities.

The Montebellos are comprised of more than 100 islands which are surrounded by magnificent virgin coral reefs. The area’s panoramic seascapes, abundance of wildlife and wilderness feeling ensure that those who join Montebello Island Safaris on one of their weekly safaris enjoy a unique experience.

Everyone is invited to participate in activities such as fishing, diving, wildlife viewing, surfing and island exploration (The Montebello Islands also have a degree of notoriety as a result of British atomic weapons testing in the 1950s). Excellent recreational fishing opportunities exist in the reserves, with a variety of finfish and invertebrate species in abundance. Their boat the ‘Kylin’ takes you away from the islands out into the general use zones where a variety of fish can be caught.

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From $1000 to $3100

After arriving in Exmouth, take to the sea with Montebello Island Safaris for a week of fresh air and good cheer as they set sail from the mainland around midday of the first day aboard their 62-foot charter boat ‘Kylin’. This boat transports you to the Montebellos and once there becomes the “activities boat” to take you fishing, diving, sightseeing, surfing or whatever it is you have in mind. Spend six nights and five action-packed days exploring the natural wonders of the islands before returning to Exmouth on the seventh day.

The fishing is arguably the best in Australia – the catch usually consisting of Spanish Mackerel, Red Emperor, Coral Trout, North West Snapper (Spangled Emperor), Trevally and Cod. There are also plenty of Crayfish just waiting to be caught, cooked and feasted upon.

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