Montebello Islands

National Parks and Reserves

The Montebello Islands are ranked among the world’s most bio-diverse marine environments and one of the best-kept must-do secrets among divers, snorkellers and anglers.

Fishing and diving charters in Dampier, Onslow and Exmouth will take you out to this 58,000 hectare marine paradise in the Pilbara between May and September.

Dive and snorkel untouched lagoons, channels, barrier reefs and fringing reefs that provide habitats for more than 150 varieties of coral, 450 species of fish, 630 types of molluscs and 170 species of sea stars, urchins and other echinoderms.

These rich waters are also a favourite foraging spot for Dugongs, Dolphins and at least 10 species of whales. The sandy beaches are popular with Nesting green, Hawksbill and Flatback turtles, and the unique coastal mangrove forests are a rest-stop for many rare migratory wading birds.

Cast a line in the designated fishing zones and snag a Mangrove jack, Emperor fish, Coral trout, Cod and maybe the coveted Sailfish.

Camping is permitted on a select few islands for a maximum of five nights (except during turtle nesting season October to April).

Tourists are advised to check for alerts and road/park closures before commencing their travel on and


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