Moochalabra Dam

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Moochalabra Dam, near Wyndham, was constructed in 1971 to provide the town with a water supply. There is a lovely spot for a picnic under the huge Boab tree and it is a great base from which to explore the nearby Aboriginal cave paintings or to watch the local wildlife.

Moochalabra Creek crossing appears just before the dam turn-off where you will see lush green growth shaded by large paper bark trees. Be sure to travel on and observe the myriad of bird life around the waterholes on the King River, 20 kilometres past the turnoff to the dam.

The dam features a unique construction, designed to allow overflow to pass through the rock on the crest of the hill. This forms a spectacular waterfall during the wet season. As it is used for the town’s water supply fishing, camping and swimming is prohibited.

Wyndham is a one hour drive west of Kununurra and the plethora of waterways including the nearby Marglu Billabong makes Wyndham an especially attractive destination for bird watching.






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