Mount Herbert

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Mount Herbert forms part of the Chichester Range within the picturesque Millstream-Chichester National Park. The peak of Mount Herbert offers spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. Park your car at the base of the mountain and take the challenging 45 minute return climb to the top of the 367 metre high mountain. Look out across the Spinifex plains and don’t forget to take your camera.

If your visit coincides with the winter months of June through August, you will be rewarded with an eruption of coloured flowers across the countryside. Look out for the Sturt pea and the soft yellow flowers of native wattles.

Join the Chichester Range Camel Trail which includes Mount Herbert to discover more of the picturesque national park. Due to the rugged countryside and sandy trail, sturdy footwear is recommended along with plenty of drinking water.

Mount Herbert and the surrounding land in the national park are owned by the Yinjibarndi Aboriginal people. It was once their tribal meeting place and is a place of great significance.

Mount Herbert Trail is just under two hours drive from Roebourne and three hours from Karratha. Flights from Perth to Karratha take two hours.






From AU$7.00

Private vehicle with up to 12 occupants – AUD15 per vehicle
Private vehicle with more than 12 occupants – AUD7 per occupant 6 years or older
Motorcycle – AUD8 per motorcycle
Please visit their website for concession prices and more information.

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Mount Herbert, Roebourne, Western Australia

Mount Herbert

Roebourne, Karratha

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