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In the local Yawuru language ‘Narlijia’, means ‘True for you’.

From the historic foreshores of Roebuck Bay to the pristine waters of Cable Beach we show you the authentic Broome that no other tours can offer.

Bart Pigram is a Yawuru man from the West Kimberley region of northwest Australia. Born and bred in Broome Bart has a passion for telling the complete story of life in Broome. Drawing on knowledge gained from living a saltwater lifestyle as well as professional training as a curator Bart started Narlijia Tours in 2015. Narlijia means ‘true for you’ in the Yawuru (Australian Aboriginal) language reflecting Bart’s wish to tell the ‘entire’ story sharing his Aboriginal and multicultural perspective first hand.

Being part of the large Pigram-Puertollano family Bart belongs to a long tradition of pearling workers and musicians. This heritage enables Bart many rich and fascinating stories of life around the beautiful turquoise waters of Roebuck Bay, Broome.

A natural entertainer you can join Bart on one of his unique tours of Broome and the Bay and see the country and lifestyle from his unique perspective including Dampier Creek and the rich pickings in the mangrove forests and on the jabalbal (mudflats).


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Bagul Bagul means Mudskipper in Aboriginal Yawuru language.

Broome’s mangroves provide a sheltered habitat for a wide variety of native and aquatic animals. Teeming with life, they are both feeding grounds and nurseries for fish, reptiles, frogs, molluscs, burrowing mud worms, various crustaceans, dugong and the occasional saltwater crocodile.

On the Bagul Bagul tour you will learn about the different types of mangrove in the mangrove forest. Experience the coolness of the forest and hear about the traditional indigenous uses of mangrove wood. At low tide the mangroves are alive with mudskippers, mudcrabs and a variety of birds. Possibly sample some of the bushtucker traditionally sourced from the mangrove forest, spot the different types of crab holes, and if you are lucky, you will taste a beautiful oyster fresh off the rock. The tour takes you into the bay through pools to Buccaneer rock where you will hear the Dreaming story of Randigunya the giant. Scour the mangroves for tasty morsels and see remnants of (Asian) fish traps and hear stories from a bygone era of Broome’s pearling days.

Yinyja means To walk in Aboriginal Yawuru language.

Using historic maps, Bart takes you on a journey back through time to Broome’s early days as a frontier pearling town. Broome’s occasionally dark and colourful history unravels on this relaxed and fun walking tour.

The tour begins with Bart describing the landscape and the indigenous Yawuru people’s place within it, introducing you to the language and cultural heritage of the area. You will learn about saltwater people, the seasons, the land, plants and food that sustained this ancient coastal culture for thousands of years.

The tour then heads towards Chinatown where Bart retells tales of the town’s pearling history iIllustrated with photos and maps, Bart recreates 1940’s Broome, pointing out interesting features and landmarks. Hear stories of Roebuck Bay Hotel, Sun Pictures, Johnny Chi Lane and the opium dens, brothels and gambling houses of the lively, chaotic and lawless Broome of the early 1900s.

Afterwards, visitors can then wander off and have a coffee in Chinatown at the end of the tour.

Experience the best of what Broome has to offer on this newly launched tour.

View the dinosaur tracks, hear the Aboriginal Dreaming stories and visit ancient shell middens created by the indigenous Djugun-Yawuru people of Broome.

You will also visit the Minyirr area of Broome; one of the most diverse landscapes in the Kimberley region embodying some of Broome’s hidden gems and locations.

On this tour Bart will share with you the natural beauty and wonder of the coastline looking out to the Indian Ocean; famous for its 130 million year old dinosaur footprints still visible today.

As you journey from the beach to Roebuck Bay you will learn to identify certain flora, fauna and sites that are still traditionally used by the Djugun and Yawuru people.

Enter Roebuck Bay and Dampier Creek, an internationally significant ecosystem, and also Broome’s most historical area. Bart combines ancient stories and landscapes with the pearling phenomena that Broome was built on.

Duration: 3 hours – | What to bring: Comfortable shoes, hat and your camera!

Cruise the traditional country of Yawuru, the original Saltwater people.

Join Bart Pigram aboard a 42 foot catamaran to truly see and learn about the traditional country of Yawuru people from a unique perspective. Be captivated by his rich indigenous cultural stories telling of his family and his people’s connection to the region and beautiful Roebuck Bay. Enjoy live traditional music as you soak up a stunning Broome sunset. Leave with a new found knowledge of Roebuck Bay’s historical and cultural significance to Broome’s first people, the Yawuru.

Sample traditional bush foods and learn about the traditional saltwater lives of the Yawuru and their connection to country. Journey from the Aboriginal Dreamtime to the present moment and be immersed in the traditional sounds of the Yawuru people with Bart’s live music.

Enjoy a morning or sunset experience with Broome local and see his country and lifestyle from a unique perspective.

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