Old Pioneer Cemetery (Coolgardie)

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A visit to the Old Pioneer Cemetery Coolgardie will give you an appreciation of the hardships experienced by the gold mining opportunists who flocked to the goldrush town in the 1890s. This historic site became the final resting place of a significant number of unknown hopefuls who were struck down by an outbreak of typhoid.

Prior to your visit, stop in at the Coolgardie Visitor Centre and collect a map to guide you to graves of historical significance including the famous explorer Ernest Giles and early pioneers John and Agnes Holland.

Stroll around this fascinating goldrush town learning about its significant role in Australia’s history. Signs scattered throughout the town signify important historical sites. Take a short five minute drive to the original site of the gold discovery or wander around several museums in the town offering an insight into the goldrush years.

Coolgardie is located just over six hours drive east of Perth, approximately 40 kilometres west of Kalgoorlie.






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