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Paspaley is the source of the world finest and most valuable cultured pearls and the last significant source of natural pearls. They have been pearl farming over 80 years and three generations and still continue today.

The beauty of a pearl lies in its lustre. Natural lustre is instantly recognisable, referring to the behaviour of light interacting with the countless layers of pearl nacre. Nacre is the pearlescent organic material created by the oyster, which forms the pearl.

Learn about the cultivation process, from diving, seeding, husbandry, harvest to grading. Understand the five virtues of lustre, complexion, shape, size and colour. What makes an excellent pearl or a poor pearl and the authenticity.

Afterwards visit their gift shop and perhaps purchase a unique pearl creation.


Discover Paspaley’s quest for the perfect pearl in your exclusive VIP Paspaley Pearl Farm Tour. Your adventure begins aboard their 72 foot catamaran where you will receive a complimentary “Pearlini” Champagne Cocktail on arrival.

Explore the journey of their pearls from seabed to store. Experience the pearl harvest – a true ‘moment of reveal’, sample Paspaley Pearl Meat and enjoy a premium Luggers Lunch.

After disembarking, discover the inspiration behind Paspaley’s Signature Collections at their Broome Boutique.

Broome Pearl Farm Tours offers a guided journey by a 4th Generation Pearler. The exclusive Paspaley Pearl Farm is located in Roebuck Bay, just 3kms from Town Beach Foreshore. Unravel the mysteries of the very unique pearling industry, an unmeasurable authentic experience not to be forgotten. A once in a lifetime adventure. These tours are only operating for a limited period.

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