Salmon Bay

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Located on the southern part of Rottnest Island, Salmon Bay boasts a lovely stretch of coastline, comprising white sandy shores and crystal clear water, sure to take anyone’s breath away.

You can now walk to Salmon Bay along the Wadjemup Bidi; a series of walk trails that will take you across spectacular coastal headlands, past stunning inland lakes and man-made attractions along the way. To visit Salmon Bay, head on the Wardan Nara Bidi section of the Wadjemup Bidi (10 kilometres one way/approximately three to four hours). This trail takes you along the coast of Salmon Bay and through to the middle of the Island to explore the WWII guns and tunnels. The Wardan Nara Bidi was proudly supported by the Rottnest Foundation working in partnership with BHP Billiton.

Suitable for swimmers of all ages, the average temperature of the water is between 18 to 23 degrees.

Salmon Bay is the perfect spot to take a dip after a long hard day of trekking through the island.

For details about the Wadjemup Bidi, visit the website.




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