Scorpion Trail, Kalamunda Mountain Bike Trails

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An old favourite that has been given a recent new lease of life with an extension back up the hill to make it longer and the addition of several wood lined berms. The speed you can rip around these will leave you grinning ear to ear. Suitable for most riders although timid riders can find the berm intimidating so should ride elsewhere in the network until their confidence has been built up.

Easily accessable from Farrel Grove car park or part of a longer ride from other starting points.

There are car parks on Mundaring Weir Road at the western end and at the Dell at the eastern end. Alternatively, a safer place (from car crime) to park is the Calamunnda Camel Farm on Pauls Valley Road. They welcome mountain bikers, the trail passes through their car park, the food is great and they even stock a few bike spares.



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