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Southern Flora Tours offers private wildflower and bird tours during spring in the south west of Western Australia, renowned as a global biodiversity hotspot. A choice of five one-day tours and one half-day tour are designed to explore karri and jarrah forests, wandoo woodlands, granite outcrops, wetlands and heathland habitats to capture the rich diversity of wildflower species and birds found in this region.

These nature-based tours are led by botanist and bird guide Dr Erica Shedley. Erica’s extensive local knowledge and experience in biodiversity management will help you find and enjoy our vibrant and unique flora species, connect with our colourful birds and learn about the fascinating ecology of the different habitats in the surrounding National Parks and Reserves.

Relax and travel in a comfortable airconditioned 4WD vehicle with a maximum of four adults. Personalised tours can be arranged to meet travellers’
requirements, including pick up from your accommodation in the south west region. Itineraries may vary to optimise the viewing experience according to flowering times, road conditions and time since fire. Field guides and snacks are provided and a picnic lunch is included for all one-day tours.


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The Wandoo Woodlands Tour ventures east of Bridgetown into drier landscapes where the Wandoo Woodlands flourish with their fascinating low heath, herb understorey and rich bird life.

We start with a wander in the delightful Wandoo Valley Walk with its ancient grass trees, through to smaller reserves around Boyup Brook, Mayanup and Tonebridge to see the showy Blue and Red Lechenaultia, Kangaroo Paws, Pink Boronia, Hibbertias, Thomasias, Spider Orchids and Donkey Orchids.

Observe the playful Yellow-plumed Honeyeaters, Western and Rufous Whistlers, brilliant blue Splendid Fairy-Wren, Western Corellas and Red-Capped Parrots.

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Wildflowers and birds of the Jarrah and Marri forest, Karri forest and Wandoo Woodland will be experienced in this one day tour of the National Parks and
Reserves surrounding Bridgetown and Boyup Brook.

Observe the many interesting and varied species of Acacias, Banksias, Hibbertias and colourful Peas, and listen to the beautiful bird songs from the Splendid Fairy-wren, Western Gerygone, Inland and Western Thornbill, Western Whistler and Grey Shrike-thrush.

Hear about the ecology of the different habitats and how the many plant and animal species interact and survive in these ancient nutrient-poor soils and how they respond to bushfires.

The tracks are easy walking and usually less than 500 metres each to allow plenty of time for photographs and soaking up the peaceful ambiance of the forests and woodlands.

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The Tall Timbers Tour heads south west of Bridgetown to Manjimup and
Pemberton to take in the historic King Jarrah Tree and Gloucester Karri Fire Lookout Tree allowing time to wander in these beautiful tall forests.

Experience the magnificent forests, their shrubbery and understory species at at Big Brook Dam, the Cascades and Beedelup Falls.

See the vibrant purple Hovea and Hardenbergia, white Crowea and Clematis, red Kennedias and yellow Acacias and Hibbertias and many others all competing for attention.

Donnelly Boat Landing and Goblin Swamp allow you to explore some species rich coastal heathlands with their more subtle yet intriguing flora. See the Four Aces before returning to Bridgetown via Donnelly Village and Bridgetown Jarrah Park.

Red-winged Fairy-wren, Red-eared Firetail, White-breasted Robin, White-browed Babblers, Red-tailed Black Cockatoo and Western Rosella are residents in these tall forests.

An alternative, Granite Rocks Loop takes you further south from the Cascades to climb Mt Chudalup and take in panoramic views of the south coast, then
explore some coastal heathlands around Pt D’Entrecasteaux before heading back to Bridgetown.

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The Lake Muir Tour heads south-east of Bridgetown through Jarrah and Marri forest and Banksia Woodlands to Lake Muir, an internationally recognised wetland system and Important Bird Area.

Appreciate the Tone River and the Tone-Perup Nature Reserve whilst exploring heath vegetation around the wetlands. In the Jarrah and Wandoo Woodlands you will find yellow Melaleuca, pink Kunzea, orange Hibbertia, Kangaroo Paws, tiny Triggerplants and Myrtles, as well as Spider orchids and Donkey orchids.

Western Spinebill, Tawney-crowned Honeyeater, Western Corella and Western Wattlebird can be found on this tour.

Hear about conservation efforts to protect these landscapes from salinity.

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The Whicher Range Tour travels west from Bridgetown, stopping at Bridgetown Jarrah Park and Karri Valley to see the impressive tall trees.

Take in Blackwood River and Barrabup Pool before travelling through the sandy Donnybrook Sunklands to explore the renowned Whicher Range and adjoining smaller reserves on the Swan Coastal Plain.

Numerous stops along the way are made to see a variety of flowering shrubs in different ecosystems. See spectacular purple Tree Hovea and Native Wisteria, climbing white Clematis, red Kennedia, pink Pimelea and Petrophile, and ancient species including Pineapple Bush, Emu Bush and Kingia.

Endemic birds including Western Thornbill, Western Rosella, Western Spinebill and endangered White-tailed Black Cockatoo may be seen on this tour.

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