St Saviours Church Katrine

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The historical St Saviours Church Katrine is a charming old stone building just outside of Northam on the road to Toodyay. Examine the skilful brickwork of the church, which has been standing for nearly 150 years. As with other structural feats of the era, the church was built by ex convicts in the late 1800s.

Capture the lovely church on camera before strolling through the grave yard to read the inscriptions on the gravestones which are as old as the church. Gain an understanding of some of the earliest inhabitants to the area, many of whom had strong links to Eastern Europe. Walk through the grounds to the banks of the picturesque Avon River.

St Saviours Church Katrine was consecrated by the first bishop of Perth in 1862 and is a short 10 minute drive from Northam on the Northam Toodyay Road and an 1.5 hours drive northeast of Perth. Whilst in the area be sure to take in various other historic points of interest including the Katrine Barn and the Katrine Causeway, which was also built by ex convicts.



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