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Talkabout Tours are looking forward to coming back online with a range of wonderful tours and experiences. They have been working industriously on new experiences that will inform, entertain, indulge and provide an escape.

Wonderful little “Perth” is on offer and Talkabout have discovered some secrets that will provide a range of experiences simply not expected.

The “Billionaire’s Club” experience gets the “show on the road”. This travelling three hours comedic journey is a little risqué, slightly irreverent and offers insight into the history and homes of Perth’s enormously wealthy.

Their Monks to Millbrook Tour showcases Perth’s gastronomical feats and world-class wine. It’s indulgent, removes you from the mainstream and has rags to riches storyline.

With the love of truthful history and surprises, a Talkabout experience promises to deliver a little more than expected each and every time.

Talkabout tours have been in the business since 1999 and love Perth. Despite the importance of fun, new insights and unique offerings, Talkabout is committed to eco-tourism and sustainability.



Let’s get the show on the road!

The “Billionaire Club” experience does get the “show on the road”. Damien O’Doherty past winner of the Perth Comedy Fringe Festival adopts different identities as she delights, informs and entertains.

This travelling comedic journey is a little risque, a little irreverent and offers insight into the history, lifestyle and homes of Perth’s enormously wealthy. Need a lift? Then chuckle up, jump on board and investigate the laugh-styles of the rich and infamous.

Soak up the un-real estate and check out some of the starter-castles that are dotted around the western suburbs. Find out who in Perth has a home with 32 toilets. Discover who went to jail and why and who owns the largest property in Perth.

Champagne, beers, sparkling water and some delicious snacks prepared by Freshwater Bay Cafe are included.

A small amount of walking is required up and down hills and along a beachfront or you can choose to stay on the bus if you prefer.

Disabled Access


From $190 to $205

This tour not only takes participants on a journey through a wonderful part of Western Australia but also on a journey through life experiences and choices.

The Theravadin Buddhist monastery is built beneath the trees and in perfect harmony with its natural surroundings.

From the hard life of a historical, colonial township, to over-the-top indulgence at one of Western Australia’s most highly regarded wineries. This is one of Talkabout’s most popular tours – a day of rags to riches.

This tour can only be booked in groups and is reliant upon available bookings at Millbrook Winery. Please contact Talkabout before booking this amazing day out.

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The Classic Beer Tour is very popular! You’ll visit the picturesque Swan Valley – once famed only for its pioneering vines, now leading the country as a top-notch craft brewing region. Taking in five breweries, you will sample anything up to 20 different craft beers and spend the day immersed in all things beer (not literally!). The price tag is fully inclusive and if you can get a few mates together you can be picked up from home.

No need to queue at the bar! No tokens, everything is taken care for you. Just sit back, relax and have your expectations exceeded. They focusing on providing a relaxed and informal experience, tailored to all regardless of age or gender. Talkabout deliver a fantastic value tour, focusing on the three F’s, Fun, Food and Froth. They aim to give you a truly (sometimes partially) memorable day with a high emphasis on raising your awareness of the complexities and styles of beer.

This tour includes your lunch for the day, generous beer samples at all breweries and a few other goodies as the day unfolds.

Disabled Access


Indulge yourself on a 5-star tour of some of the Swan Valley’s most awarded food and drink experiences.

All five venues visited are multi-award winning and have reserved areas set aside exclusively for our group.

Our day begins with a sparkling wine brunch, wine tastings and tour of a highly awarded vineyard in a stunning setting. This is followed by a highly entertaining talk and tastings of local gins and vodkas. While our “Flight Deck” wine and food matchings are being prepared at another multi-award winning winery, we have the opportunity to visit John Septimus Roe’s amazing home on the Swan River for a tour of the art gallery within. We then move on to a famous French pattiserie for dessert and coffee and our day finishes with a spirit tasting and cocktail of your choice at yet another award-winning venue.

With just a 13 passenger limit, this intimate tour is the ultimate day out in the Swan Valley region.

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