Telegraph Hill

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Telegraph Hill offers uninterrupted panoramic views of the dramatic and rugged landscape on the outskirts of Wyndham. You can see all the way out to the Cambridge Gulf and ocean on a clear day. Explore the site where the telegraph signalling station used to stand during World War I and II. Appreciate the view the naval officers would have had from the station during World War II, which helped sink the German ship, Emden.

All that remains on the top of the basalt hill now are some of the ruins from the house that used to stand on the site. It was carefully dismantled and rebuilt next to the visitors centre in the town of Wyndham.

Telegraph Hill lies within Parry Lagoons Nature Reserve where the birdlife is plentiful. Look down at the Marglu Billabong, which is a bird sanctuary for over 20,000 birds. At dawn and dusk you may be able to hear the harmonious sounds of birdcalls from the top of the hill.

Telegraph Hill is a 15 minute drive from Wyndham and a one hour drive from Kununurra. Visitors can take a three hour flight from Perth to Kununurra.




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