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Nannup is not an ordinary town, its location in the south west forest of Western Australia means it was an important economic driver in the early 19th Century. Its timber resources were heavily harvested and this same location has also protected it from development.

Many events have created delight in finding out what makes a small Australian town tick. The exhibition “Moments in Time” at the Nannup Clock Tower is located on the main street on the second floor of Nannup’s tallest building. Many interesting events have shaped the town and created the unique character it is today. The exhibition includes “The Nannup Tiger Story” which which asks the question “is this creature fact or fiction or maybe both!”

The Great Nannup Flood of 1982 saw the town cut-off for 3 days and brought the divided community together where farmers and new settlers worked side by side .

There have been many famous faces in Nannup but one of the highlights was when the major motion picture “Drift” was filmed in the town for a week featuring Sam Worthington and Myles Pollard learn about when Hollywood came to Nannup.

There is a large botanical sculpture from the 2020 Nannup Flower and Garden Festival on display and the story behind this. Filling the tower this sculpture uses dried plant material in a beautiful wild design.


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