Time Walk, Windjana Gorge National Park

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Time Walk, is an easy but spectacular 2 kilometre return bush walk through Windjana Gorge, 145 kilometres east of Derby in the far north of Western Australia. Discover a Devonian reef gorge system which is unlike any other in the Kimberley.

Once reef where a shallow sea covered the area 350 million years ago, Windjana Gorge now exists as a result of the Lennard River gouging its way through the Napier Range, exposing a completely different rock formation to others in the area. The Top Trail contains many interpretive signs of different periods, showing how long this formation has been in existence.

Commencing from the trail-head at the car park, walk towards the grey and orange rock face where you can see the river winding through the gorge. Accessible by a small gap like tunnel, you will emerge on the other side to the shady, cool, green gorge where you can take time to view the wildlife. Fresh water crocodiles bask on the beach as others float in the water and see flocks of corellas in the trees and on cliff walls.

Tourists are advised to check for alerts and road/park closures before commencing their travel on www.emergency.wa.gov.au and https://alerts.dbca.wa.gov.au


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From AU$8.00

Entry fee to Windjana Gorge National Park:

Private vehicle with up to 12 occupants – AUD15 per vehicle
Concession – AUD8 per vehicle
Private vehicle with more than 12 occupants – AUD7 per occupant (6 years or older)
Concession – AUD2.50 per occupant
Motorcycle – AUD8 per motorcycle