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The Western Australian (WA) Herbarium is responsible for the scientific description and documentation of Western Australia’s botanical species diversity. It maintains a collection of over 740,000 plant specimens that voucher species diversity and distribution throughout the State. Each year they add a further 12,000 specimens to the already extensive flora collection.

Learn about the origins of many native Western Australian and overseas plants, which are all catalogued, mounted onto sheets of paper or placed in special packets for storage. The astounding floral collection is estimated to be worth over AUD15 million.

Use the Herbarium’s website to further investigate the State’s amazing flora – it contains maps and images for most of the 12,000 species occurring in Western Australia.

Visitors can bring specimens of plants for identification in the Community Reference Herbarium. It is advisable to call in advance if you are taking in a plant, as plants will need to be treated for pests to ensure the protection of this extensive collection. The WA Herbarium is located at the southern end of the main Department of Parks and Wildlife campus, a 15 minute drive south of Perth.


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