Wanna Munna

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Spend at least one full day visiting the Wanna Munna Aboriginal rock carvings, just a two hour drive from Newman. Soak up the tranquil setting and enjoy lunch at the shady waterhole. You will be awestruck by the spectacular Aboriginal rock art on display which includes animal and human images etched into the rocks.

Check out the carvings on the rocks forming a small gorge on the upper reaches of the Weeli Wolli Creek, then walk downstream where you will pass by several larger pools. Keep an eye out for kangaroos and the other local animals that come to drink in the waterholes. Then head 2 kilometres downstream where you will find a number of large formations of colourful banded rock straddling the river like a wall.

The site is protected by the Museum Trust and care should be taken not to damage the rock carvings.

Located just 2 kilometres off the Great Northern Highway, two hours out of Newman, you will need a four wheel drive to get to Wanna Munna. Check road conditions and directions with the Newman Visitor Centre prior to heading out. Newman is a 5 hour drive south of Port Hedland.



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Wanna Munna, Newman, Western Australia

Wanna Munna

Newman, East Pilbara

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