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Welcome to Woody Island. Woody Island Eco Tours is the official operator of the island’s facilities. Their friendly staff look forward to welcoming you to their slice of paradise, where they will endeavour to help you create a most memorable experience.

Rich in history, Woody Island is one of the 105 islands in the Recherche Archipelago located just 15 kilometres off the coast of Esperance, Western Australia. The island is ideally situated to provide you and your family/friends/colleagues a daytrip adventure. Equally, the facilities and accommodation available make it a great opportunity to take your time and relax, spend a few days and really soak up the natural and unique island environment.

Whether you’re a visitor to the picturesque Esperance region or a local looking to escape the ordinary – embark on a trip to Woody Island, Esperance, Western Australia.

Come for the day or stay overnight in one of their tents or safari huts. Swim, snorkel, fish and explore the island or simply just relax on the beach Read about their day trips to Woody Island or discover more about their catamaran the “Cetacean Explorer”.


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Woody Island Eco Tours, Esperance, Western Australia

Woody Island Eco Tours


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