Wool Wagon Pathway

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The Wool Wagon Pathway packs a big four-wheel-drive adventure into six days, following the original wool trade route to spectacular wildflower country, epic desert ranges, working cattle stations and the largest fringing reef on Earth.

From Geraldton, head east to Pindar, where you’ll find the first of 23 interpretive sites and stories of the legendary pioneers who originally traversed the region transporting quality Australian wool for shipment to London.

Between June and September, this first stretch is filled with some of the most striking displays of wildflowers – iconic carpets of everlastings and the unique wreath flower.

From Pindar, the gravel road leads north through wide-open desert and working cattle stations to Wooleen and Murchison.

Here, you can opt to take a 200-kilometre detour to Mount Augustus for a 360 view from the top of the world’s largest monolith, twice the size of Uluru.

Stop at Gascoyne Junction to discover relics of the pioneering era at the museum, and explore the rugged canyons of Kennedy Range National Park.

The final stretch leads to the coast and World Heritage listed Ningaloo Reef where coral gardens teeming with 500 species of fish can be found just a short swim from the shore.


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