Woylie Walk, Dryandra Woodland

Natural Attractions

Enter the enchanted Dryandra Woodland, one of the world’s flora and fauna hot-spots, and take the Woylie Walk through the largest remnant of original woodland in Australia’s Western Wheatbelt. Keep eyes to the ground to see diggings of the shy and rare woylie, and maybe even a numbat or echidna searching for termites.

This woodland wonderland sits just two and a half hours’ drive south from Perth. Head for the Old Mill Dam picnic area and allow two hours to complete the five-and-a-half kilometre Woylie Walk.

It’s one of many trails that weave through the forests of wandoo, powderbark, kwongan heathlands, jarrah and sheoak. Visit in spring, between September and early November, and you’ll see the forest floor coloured with the blooms of more than 850 varieties of wildflowers.

If you’re not lucky enough to spot any wildlife on the walk, take a night time tour of nearby Barna Mia animal sanctuary to see some of Dryandra’s cute inhabitants at close range.

Tourists are advised to check for alerts and road/park closures before commencing their travel on www.emergency.wa.gov.au and https://alerts.dbca.wa.gov.au


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