Wyalup Rocky Point

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Wyalup Rocky Point is a place of Indigenous significance. Wyalup means a “place of mourning” as in the past the area was a Noongar burial ground. The waves plummet over these ancient and rare rock formations. Sunset time is the best, where the light creeps down over the evening landscape, providing a dramatic backdrop.

The 130 million year old Basalt Rock can only be seen on Wyalup Rocky Point in Bunbury, at Capel and at Black Point in the Southern Forest and Valley’s region. It was part of the Kerguelen large igneous province that formed over a period from about 130 to 95 million years ago as Australia, India and Antarctica split apart.

Less than a kilometre from Bunbury’s central business district, the area has a beach lookout, interpretive information, barbecues, playground and picnic facilities.

There is a wide, level path surrounding the picnic area which connects the parking with the beach lookout, accessible toilets and change room.

A free fully self contained vehicle 48 hour camping location is also nearby. A permit is required to stay, contact the Bunbury Visitor Centre for a permit.




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