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26 Nov 2020 to 21 Dec 2020 Daily Event

Japingka Gallery is proud to show major paintings from the remote community of Tjuntjuntjara in the Great Victoria Desert, Western Australia .

Spinifex People of the Great Victoria Desert survived in an arid but beautiful environment, where the landscape held the culture of the people. As a spiritual people guided by cultural law, they were able to exist virtually unchallenged and unchanged until the 1950s when the British atomic testing began at Emu Fields and later at Maralinga. Thirty years later their traditional lands were finally returned to them in the form of native title and they were able to once again access the country that formed them from birth.

The artists have created paintings that are profound compositions that express a sense of belonging, of being interwoven into the fabric of the landscape they create.


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Event Dates

Daily Event

26 Nov 2020 to 21 Dec 2020

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