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5 Feb 2022 to 25 Apr 2022 Once Only Event

A wave crashes upon the shore, the forces of deep oceans far and wide propelling it towards the coastline. Each and every wave writes a story, a history, as it crashes upon sandy or rocky shores. The undertow pulls backwards, out to sea, in a counter current full of tension and unease as the next wave gathers power and tumbles forward, ready to write another story.

Undertow is about what sits below, what can’t always be seen, but is always felt. It is about going against the current, about deep reflection upon the world and lives and more than anything, it is about not resting comfortably in any truth which is not your own.

In the context of Australia, these expansive waters take up appropriate space in the anthologies of the continent, they are economic highways, pathways to freedom, colonial carriageways, vessels of knowledge – they are entities of promise, but also of betrayal.

Undertow explores the relationships people have with the oceans and seas, ever-changing bodies of water in constant flux, as places of arrival and departure, places of transformation and as places of deep ancestral connection.

Undertow brings together artists working in a range of modes and materials like cyanotype, glass neon, installation, photographic and filmic work and celebrates the many ways artists explore and document the world.


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Event Dates

Once Only Event

5 Feb 2022 to 25 Apr 2022

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