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Edosei is Perth’s most authentic Japanese restaurant. Highly acclaimed chefs create superb dishes, serving only the freshest of seafood flown in regularly from the Melbourne fish markets. The sophisticated interior designed by award winning architect Michael Roxby has an intimate atmosphere which can be enjoyed for lunch and dinner.

The restaurant serves mouth-watering Sashimi and Sushi but also original dishes like Kawara Soba. This dish is grilled green tea-flavoured buckwheat noodles topped with succulent strips of beef and omelette. It is served on a ceramic plate (Kawara) which has been imported especially from Japan. The noodles can then be dipped into a sweet soy-based soup. This dish originates from Shimonoseki Japan, their home town. Legend has it that Samurai warriors first came upon the idea of eating noodles from ceramic roof-tiles (Kawara) after a battle.


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