The Bridge Garden Bar & Restaurant


The Bridge joins together two buildings with an intertwined history and great importance in the local area.

The rear building, known as Granny Cooper’s cottage, was constructed in 1862. At the front, was Sutton’s Corner Store which was built by Granny Cooper’s daughter and began trading in late 1929.

Fast forward to today, and the buildings have been transformed into a comfortable tavern and garden bar in a an amazing location and still a place where people gather and build community.

The menu features an extensive range of refreshments, from cold tap beers to the finest quality wines. Their friendly staff are the local cocktail experts and can also offer great advice on pairing your drinks with flavours from their amazing menu.

The menu offers a fantastic range from classic diner style burgers, sliders and pizza to exotic tapas inspired share plates – they have fused stunning international flair with the freshest local ingredients.

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