Charnley River Station/Beverley Springs airstrip

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Charnley River airstrip lands you in a naturalist’s paradise in the heart of one of Australia’s most rugged and inaccessible regions, known as the Artesian Range. Here, in this 173,000-hectare ‘Lost World’ of spectacular sandstone ranges and rainforest-filled gorges, you may encounter some 200+ species of birds and many endangered animal species that are found nowhere else in Australia.

The Artesian Range sits adjacent to the Kimberley coast, and charter flights to Charnley River Airstrip and Charnley River Wilderness Camp are available from Broome, Derby, Kununurra and Fitzroy Crossing throughout the dry season (May to October). This all-weather airstrip is one of several that make up the Kimberley Aerial Highway, landing you in some of the region’s world-class wilderness landscapes and unique accommodations.

Guided land tours are available at Charnley River Wilderness Camp, but you’ll need to bring your tent and provisions with you.

Exploring the Artesian Range’s stunning gorges, including Grevillea Gorge, Dillie Gorge and Donkey Hole, you get a glimpse of the rare Black Grasswren and Kimberley Honeyeater, the wyulda (scaly-tailed possum), the monjon (the smallest rock wallaby species) and the Kimberley crevice skink.

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