Gascoyne Junction


Mount Augustus is the largest rock on Earth (twice the size of Uluru) and Gascoyne Junction is your gateway to discovering and conquering its record-breaking immensity. You’ll also be beckoned by the wildlife rich canyons of the Kennedy Range and the promise of real outback adventure, following the trail of the Kingsford Smith Mail Run or the Wool Wagon Pathway.

Sitting at the meeting point of the Gascoyne and Lyons rivers, Gascoyne Junction is a two hour drive east of Carnarvon, following the original trail blazed by transport pioneer Charles Kingsford Smith along the Kingsford Smith Mail Run. From here, you can also re-live the adventures of the early pastoral pioneers and Afghan hawkers along the Wool Wagon Pathway. Both routes explore the region’s rich Indigenous heritage and Dreaming stories in a series of interpretive signs.

Take the 49 kilometre scenic base trail (four wheel drive only) circumnavigating the base of Mount Augustus to view the ancient rock art and mysterious caves of the Wadjari Aboriginal people, who call the mammoth landmark ‘Burringurrah’. Challenge yourself to climb the 860 metre high summit, or just watch from Emu Hill Lookout as the colours change from cool greens and blues to golden glows.

More adventures and breathtaking vistas await in the Kennedy Range, where spectacular cliffs rise 100 metres above the Lyons River Valley plain and challenging gorge walks lead you to cascading waterfalls and tranquil pools. The range is also a haven for wildlife, from emus, kangaroos and goannas to kookaburras, honeyeaters and birds of prey.

The nearby town site of Gascoyne Junction was originally proposed in 1897. Today, it’s a centre for mining, pastoral and desert merino fine wool industries, but relics of its pioneering past can be found in the museum collection, kindly donated by locals from generations gone by.

For a shady picnic or barbecue, head for the pergola at Federation Park. Pull into the caravan park to extend your stay, or find yourself an overnight base with real outback style at a nearby farm or station stay.