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The Giingan Experience is about the Gumbaynggirr people, language and culture. The Cultural Experience takes place at an important cultural site of the Gumbaynggirr people, the stunning location of “Niigi Niigi” (Sealy Lookout) within the Orara East State Forest. Guests bask in the ambience of 360-degree views and immerse in their culture through stories, songs, language and the uses of native plants.

By taking part in the experience, guests are making a direct contribution to the revitalisation of the Gumbaynggirr language and culture. They are driven by their culture, and by the knowledge that they are competing against time to revitalise the Gumbaynggirr language. They work closely with their community and Elders in order to deliver this Gold Award Winning Experience (Gold Award – NSW Tourism Awards 2019 and 2021).

Their Giingan Tour not only offers guests an unforgettable cultural experience but also offers their Gumbaynggirr community the opportunity to participate in and experience speaking the traditional language and practice culture on Country.

This is something that they are truly passionate about not only offering an amazing tourism experience, but giving their community the opportunity to regain culture and identity, and to be proud of who they are and what they are all achieving.


From $33 to $170

The Giingan Gumbaynggirr Cultural Experience (Giingan Experience) is an Aboriginal cultural tour run by the local community organisation Bularri Muurlay Nyanggan Aboriginal Corporation (BMNAC).

The Giingan Experience is an interactive afternoon, inviting guests to experience local Aboriginal culture through the scenic view of cultural landmarks, dreaming stories, guided bushcraft bushwalk, language, dance, and much more.

The tour is held at the beautiful “Sealy Lookout” in the Orara East State Forest, Coffs Harbour NSW.

While up at the lookout, you’ll also find BMNAC’s cafe “Nyanggan Gapi”. The name takes the traditional Gumbaynggirr word “Nyanggan” meaning perfect/strong, and the contemporary word “Gapi” meaning coffee to give you just that- a perfect coffee!

Make your visit a full weekend experience and visit the local Tree Tops Adventure Park on your way up the mountain.

The Giingan Experience at Sealy Lookout really does offer the complete family weekend getaway- education of local Aboriginal culture, physical activity with Tree Tops, topped off with a relaxing “perfect coffee” and food at Nyanggan Gapi!

Feel new by discovering the wonder of the Coffs Coast and experience the richness of Gumbaynggirr culture.

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Carpark Family Friendly

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