Not So Itsy Spider Sculpture

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This impressive sculpture, created by scrap metal artist Andrew Whitehead, is the second-largest spider sculpture in the world. Until the 1980s the local Urana football team was known as The Spiders, and this sculpture pays homage to that fact.

Mr Whitehead, who is afraid of heights, installed the artwork on the water tower himself, climbing a 16m ladder and walking around the 30cm rim of the tower carrying an 8kg bracket and 8m of cable. Once the bracket and cable were in place a cherry picker raised the spider into position and the sculpture was secured with three cables.

Andrew Whitehead’s sculptures can be found adorning much of the landscape North of the Murray, including Mulwala, Lowesdale and Boree Creek.

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The entrance to MacKnight Park. The gazebo and noticeboard are visible.

MacKnight Park

Urana, Federation

A scrap metal horse stands at a trough, surrounded by sheep and drover sculptures.

Stockman and his Mob at Horse Trough Sculpture

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The sign to the entrance of the Urana Golf Course.

Urana Golf Course

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Mother and daughter smiling looking at huge bird aviary

Urana Free Flight Bird Aviary

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The brick fence and building of St Fiacres Roman Catholic Church in Urana.

St Fiacres Roman Catholic Church

Urana, Federation

Picturesque view of Urana Aquatic Centre

Urana Aquatic Centre

Urana, Federation

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