Luncheon Bay

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Luncheon Bay is situated on the northern side of Hook Island and features pristine coral and superb marine life. Luncheon Bay is popular with beginner divers thanks to its easy beach entry option. Intro divers can enter the water gradually from the beach, allowing plenty of time to become accustomed to the dive gear and the water.

Luncheon Bay has some great swim-throughs for scuba divers and the beautiful ‘tunnel of love’, which is an underwater canyon. If you would like to ‘find Nemo’, Luncheon Bay is a likely spot, just ask the friendly dive instructors if they can help you in your hunt. Also a good place to spot rays hiding in the sand or turtles feeding on the reef.

Diving depth is three to 15 metres. Diving visibility is typically three to 15 metres.

Good shallow coral cover to eight to ten metres, coral rubble and silty sand at depth. Large bommie on eastern point is of interest. Interesting terrain along the foreshore down to 10 metres, best along eastern side of bay with coral gullies and ledges. Divers and snorkellers can expect to see large fish including wrasse, sweetlip and red emperor. Open to northerly winds.



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Luncheon Bay

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