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Ghost Crime Tours are Adelaide’s leading ghost tour company offering walks and tours to some of Adelaide’s most historical and notorious crime scenes which date back to the 1800s.

Ghost Crime Tours will take you to some of Adelaide’s most haunted locations. Visit buildings frequented by ghosts and apparitions in Adelaide’s lost and forgotten haunted hotspots. Come on our haunted ghost tours under the moonlight at Port Adelaide to hear of the Port’s criminal past and haunted present.

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The Port Adelaide Ghost Tour travels around Port Adelaide and will take you to the building of ‘Jasper’ the ghost. Hear about the sailor found in the Port River. See the hotel where the ghost of a sailor has been seen looking for his mate and many more ghost sightings and crime stories.

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Kapunda, South Australia. Not only the most haunted town in Australia, but home to the most haunted Hotel in Australia… The North Kapunda Hotel!
We take you down the main street to listen to tales of crime dating back to the early 1800’s, back when Kapunda was a bustling mining town and was very nearly the capital of South Australia.
We then visit the North Kapunda Hotel | Australia’s most haunted pub.
The Hotel opened in November 1849 as the North Kapunda Arms, Garland Ox in 1853 and renamed the North Kapunda Hotel in 1856.
The Hotel has a National Trust listing. and was known as the Sir Sidney Kidman Hotel until 2010 when it was renamed to the North Kapunda Hotel again.
The Hotel has also played it’s part in the State’s political life, as it is the home to the very first reading of the Riot Act in South Australia. The Act was read from the Hotel’s balcony by Police Superintendent Mr Quelly.
You will have the opportunity to stand at the exact spot that Mr. Quelly stood as he read the Act to the 500 unruly people as they gathered below on the Main Street of Kapunda.

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Come on a tour like no other as Ghost Crime Tours is very proud to announce that we can now take you to one of the most actively haunted locations in Australia – The Old Adelaide Gaol!

Originally built in 1841, the Adelaide gaol and Government house are the two oldest buildings in South Australia. The gaol was open between 1841 to 1988 some 147 years, with sixty six executions by hanging happing in South Australia, the Adelaide Gaol saw 45 of them. This is a tour that is sure not to disappoint as there are so many tales to tell on this tour.

Ghosts Crime Tours is very excited to be offering to you our tour of the Old Adelaide Gaol, with all that has happened here is there any wonder that there are now so many reported ghosts roaming these walls to this day.

If these walls could only talk .or maybe they do?

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Once it was decided to establish a settlement, the River Torrens stood out as a very convenient source of water, in a lush, quiet surrounding. The River has certainly seen lots of activity, from recreational swimming and rowing, to body disposal and prowling spots of some of Adelaide’s most notorious criminals.

We will show you where bodies have been found, dumped and drowned in the Torrens. Come aboard and sit over the spot Mrs Habibulta had part of her body discovered in the River, leading to the police draining the River to find the rest of her.

Hear about our own investigations at the Festival Theatre and learn about it’s own development, with remnants of the original buildings still beneath it! You will discover what recordings were taken during the investigation and discover who it might be that was talking to us.

Join us on the historic Popeye cruise and relax on the River that has seen it all! Sit back, float along this scenic cruise and listen to the history of the City, the River, and the people that have used it as a dumping ground, if not worse!

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