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Discover the beauty of the Great Ocean Walk and the Great Otway National Park with Walk 91, a passionate local tour company founded by Mark Kininmonth, a former Parks Victoria ranger who helped build the walk.

With nearly 20 years of expertise, Mark invites you to embark on a magnificent journey through one of Australia’s most breathtaking landscapes. Walk 91 takes pride in personally meeting, briefing, and assisting walkers, ensuring a relaxed and flexible holiday experience.

As locals, flexibility is Walk 91’s strong point!

They can create custom-made trips, including accommodation, food and bag transfers for inn-to-inn, pack-free walks. Or you can choose set itineraries, like jumping on Walk91’s Great Ocean Walk Bus. Or even enjoying a supported camping experience (with a trailer moving along the track with you storing all your gear).

Embark on a journey of discovery, where nature meets expertise and adventure meets relaxation. Let Walk 91 support you on an unforgettable experience along the iconic Great Ocean Walk.


From $798 to $2998

Take charge of your adventure—walk at your own pace, with your chosen companions, on the date that suits you. Simply pick a date, and Walk 91 will craft the perfect escape for you.

All their self-guided walking tours, ideal for those desiring accommodation close to the Walk, include:

A Personal Private Walk Briefing
The Official Great Ocean Walk Map
Complimentary Lighthouse Tickets (if passing this historical landmark on your chosen walk)
Catering (or Self-Catering if you prefer)
Track Notes and Digital Walking History Notes and Videos
Free Use of Walking Poles
Free use of an EPIRB – safety emergency beacon.
Back transfers (You Walk Pack-Free).

Walk 91’s friendly local drivers will ensure you are safely whisked away on your magical journey. At the end of each day, rest in comfortable accommodation, enjoying an evening of delightful local food and warm company.

Walk 91 eagerly awaits to welcome you to their enchanting backyard, marking the beginning of this unforgettable walk.

Disabled Access

Carpark Family Friendly Non Smoking

From $100 to $240

There is nothing like getting away from it all.

Camping on the Great Ocean Walk is the perfect way to enjoy the trail’s natural beauty.

Because all hikers walk east to west, the walk never feels crowded and you can sometimes walk the whole day feeling like you are the only person on the track.

The Great Ocean Walk hike-in-campsites are secluded and small, often tucked away amongst the coastal heath and gum trees. With a table to eat, a shelter and toilet facilities carved out of local timber, you have all you need for a unique camping experience.

Don’t want to carry all your heavy gear? No problem. Walk 91 will meet you at the start of your walk and collect all your gear in their trailer. They move the trailer ahead of you on the walk leaving it at the accessible campsites.

You just need to plan what yummy food will be waiting for you at your campsite and Walk 91 will supply fresh drinking water (the water is not drinkable on the track).

If you are traveling light to this wonderful part of Australia, Walk 91 can hire you all the camping gear you will need.

Disabled Access

Carpark Family Friendly

From $38 to $798

Base yourself in Apollo Bay whilst exploring the Great Ocean Walk.

Walk 91 Bus transfers leave from the Apollo Bay Information Centre.

This option is perfect for those who like to walk solo and self-guided, but with back-up provided, or those who like meeting other like-minded walkers. As you book your own accommodation and food, you can set your own budget whilst staying in Apollo Bay.

Walk 91 provide walking notes and a map and a walk briefing. The track is well-marked, so no technical expertise is required.

Choose from one-day walks to six day walks. A breakdown of each days walking legs are:

Everyday – Shelly Beach to Apollo Bay – 8.5KM

Monday’s: Shelly Beach to Parker Hill – 19KM [or stop walking at Blanket Bay 13.5KM*]

Tuesday’s: Parker Hill to Aire River – 16KM [or stop at the Lighthouse 5KM*]. Lighthouse tickets included.

Wednesday’s: Aire River to Milanesia Gate – 22.5KM [or stop walking at Johanna 15KM*]

Thursday’s: Milanesia Gate to Gables – 18.5KM [or stop walking at Moonlight 12KM*]

Gables to the 12 Apostles – 19.5KM [or stop at Princetown 13.5KM*.
You will still have enough time to visit the 12 Apostles viewing Platform].

Disabled Access

Non Smoking

Walk 91 was founded by a former Parks Victoria Ranger nearly 20 years ago. Mark Kininmonth worked on the trail in its initial construction and since then has offered services on the Great Ocean Walk to thousands of passionate walkers.

Although Walk 91 offers several ways to complete the walk, you may just want a simple shuttle. Just email Walk 91 with the date you wish to walk and where you would like to be shuttled to and from and they will get back to you with a quote.

Disabled Access

Non Smoking

If you have a car and would like to use it on the Great Ocean Walk, Walk91 can help you.

This is a self guided walk, utilising your own car. Walk91 will meet you at your car and drop you back to the day’s starting point. You walk back to your car. In the afternoons you can drive to the accommodation of your own choice, at your own cost.

(Please check availability with Walk91 before you book your accommodation). They the itinerary options available from three to six days.

Disabled Access

Non Smoking

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