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Greg Quicke is ‘SpaceGandalf’. After two decades of blowing people’s minds with his intensely practical live astronomy shows in Broome, the BBC and the ABC picked him up as the Practical Astronomer alongside Professor Brian Cox on their Stargazing Live Television series. With four series of Stargazing Live and now his own 10-part ABC’s ‘Stargazers Guide to the Cosmos’ that is based on his 2016 book, Earth Turning Consciousness, Greg has rocketed onto the international stage.

Greg Quicke’s intimate knowledge of the earth’s environment comes from half a lifetime living under the sky watching the motions of the planets, the stars, the sun and the moon. Working as a Broome pearl diver started the journey with a need to understand the moon’s influence on the tides. Working in the Kimberley outback as a mechanic sleeping in a swag helped to fine-tune the experience.

Greg’s easy manner and homespun insights are so straightforward, they will easily trigger a few of your own as you become familiar with the sky. Big telescopes, lasers and a healthy dose of fun help to round out an educational and entertaining evening under some of the best night skies on the planet.

Greg continues to offer life performance star shows in Broome from April to October. His new book, ‘Is the Moon Upside Down?’ from Penguin Books is a must read!


From $95 to $115

Greg has had a few “aha” moments about lots of things in his life, just as he’s sure you have. He’s been sharing a few of his about our place in the universe with groups of people for a couple of decades now. He loves watching people’s eyes light up when they have a few “ahas” of their own and this is what tends to happen when people come together under the stars at Astro Tours.

Broome’s Astronomy Experience is a two-hour educational and entertaining mind-bender using big telescopes, lasers and fun under some of the best stargazing skies on the planet.

While exploring the daily, yearly and cosmic directions with some simple astronomy that you can see for yourself, you’ll meet some of the stars by name and trace out some constellations too. You’ll explore the relationships of the planets within the solar system and point telescopes at whatever is above the horizon on the night.

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