Cliff Grange

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The Cliff Grange farmhouse is a fine example of one of the earliest residences of the Greenough/Geraldton region. Whilst currently undergoing restoration, you can capture the 1850s architecture and beauty of the historic building by camera. Cliff Grange was the home of the Clinch’s Mill manager, which is a short two minute walk further down the Brand Highway.

Both buildings form part of the Greenough/Walkaway Heritage Trail which features 36 historic buildings including the ruins of Wesley Church, Pioneer Cemetery, the Hampton Arms Inn and Gray’s Store, which was built by convicts in the 1860s. Due to the large number of historic buildings, allow a day to explore the well preserved 19th century settlement of Greenough.

Greenough is a 4 hour drive north of Perth and just 20 minutes south of Geraldton. The coastal city of Geraldton offers an array of water activities to entertain all who visit. If you wish to continue exploring historic buildings, Geraldton is home to a plethora of magnificent buildings with significant historical value. Grab the Historical Trails brochure from the Geraldton Visitor Centre.




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